Treasurer - BAG

Organising Secretary -BAG

Assistant Executive Secretary -BAG

Executive Secretary - BAG

2nd Vice President - BAG

First Vice- President - BAG

President - Biogas Association of Ghana

Sustainable Environmental Development .Business Process Redesign .Strategic Planning

Daniel is an accomplished business executive with domestic and international experience in land development operations. His energies are displayed in strong emphasis on systems applications that are geared towards organisational growth and improvement initiatives. Over the last 15 years of refined exposure, he has been instrumental in business development involving vast investments and project management assignments. Working closely with local and international Contractors with various professional disciplines has equipped him with an experience bank of work ethics. As an environmental scientist, his ability to identify sustainable environmental initiatives for best practise and strategic policy developments is sharp. His results-oriented concept has developed him into a decisive leader with proven success in sustainable environmental and social management. He has excelled in dynamic and demanding environments and yet, remained pragmatic and focused on achieving desired team goals.

Environmental Quality Engineering and Waste management services
Environmental Management Systems Development and Implementation; (ISO14001 Certification, PER, ESIA, EMP, LRP, CP, DP, etc.)
Business and decommissioning Plan development and implementation
Sustainable (Alternative Livelihood Initiatives) development for rural and urban communities.
Land development, reclamation and restoration concepts
Business Process Redesigning (BPR) and Continual Improvement (CI) initiatives for organisational efficiencies.
Project and Construction Management of mega-projects
Transportation Engineering and Highway Management
Geotechnical Engineering services
Structural Design and Engineering
Renewable Energy technology development and implementation ( Biofuels)

EXECUTIVE MBA: Legon Business School, University of Ghana, Accra (2002)

BSc. (HONS) CIVIL ENGINEERING: KNUST, Kumasi, Ghana (1994)


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